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New Patients


Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Find out what happens and what you can expect on your first visit to us.

Welcome to NEO Orthodontics

At NEO Orthodontics, it’s fair to say we live and breathe orthodontics. It’s an industry we’re passionate about, one we love working in, and most of all, one in which we love to see the smiles it puts on our patients' faces.

If you are interested in finding out how orthodontics could benefit you, we’d welcome the chance to show you. All you need to do is contact your nearest practice and speak to a dedicated Treatment Co-ordinator.

What happens at your first consultation ?

Start your teeth straightening journey with our free digital assessment, this involves uploading pictures of your teeth that are then sent directly to your Specialist Orthodontist. The Orthodontist will review these images to assess you suitability for treatment and will send you a report outlining potential treatments, outline costs and an indication of the duration of your treatment.


If you then wish to pursue treatment, you will be invited to attend your first consultation. When you come and see us, you can expect the following:

  • A warm welcome from our friendly orthodontic reception team.

  • A request to fill out a medical history form, if your referring dentist hasn’t already sent this over to us.

  • A one-on-one discussion with our specialist orthodontist where you can explain what you would like to achieve from orthodontics.

  • An assessment of your teeth and jaws by our specialist orthodontist so we can recommend the best course of treatment for you.

  • A thorough treatment plan outlining your options, with a comprehensive quote for treatment.

  • A one-on-one discussion with our treatment coordinator who will advise you of our treatment fees and financing options.

Your First Visit
About Orthodontics

About Orthodontics

About Orthodontics

Do you know what orthodontics is all about? Find out here.

Specialist treatment

Orthodontics is a specialised kind of dentistry concerned with the development and management of irregularities and abnormalities of the teeth, jaws and face. Its aim is to produce a healthy, functional bite, creating greater resistance to disease and improving personal appearance. This contributes to mental and physical well-being.

Why orthodontics ?

Orthodontics makes your teeth easier to clean, which means there is less risk of decay or gum disease (gingivitis). It will also ensure your teeth meet together properly, which means there is less stress on your jaw joint and surrounding muscles. This in turn can help relieve regular problems such as headaches, migraines and neck, back or shoulder pain.

5 benefits of orthodontic treatment

Undergoing a course of orthodontic treatment involves a great deal of commitment but the benefits of treatment include:​

  • Improved appearance of your teeth, smile and face

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

  • Improved function of teeth

  • Improved ability to care for teeth and gums

  • Improved oral health

Private Treatment

Private Treatment

At NEO Orthodontics, we offer private treatment to patients of all ages.

Private orthodontic treatment options

NEO Orthodontics can provide private orthodontic treatment to all patients even if patients fail to qualify for treatment under the NHS.

Your private consultation

Embarking on orthodontic treatment privately begins with a consultation. The cost of this is £150, refundable again the cost of your treatment.  At your initial consultation you will receive:

  • A full written report outlining the treatment options available to you, which will provide you with the best result.

  • Clinical photographs, teeth impressions and x-rays (if required).

  • Timescale of the various treatment options.

  • Information on our interest free payment plans over 12 months and low payment plans over 24 or 36 months.

  • Detailed written quotation

7 benefits of private orthodontic treatment

  • 0% typical APR finance (subject to terms & conditions) with flexible deposits and easy monthly re-payments. Our 0% finance options make it possible to spread the cost over the period of your treatment, therefore making it more affordable.

  • No waiting list, treatment can start almost immediately.

  • Wider selection of braces, using the latest technologies that could potentially result in fewer and shorter appointments.

  • Flexible appointment times, including early mornings and late evenings.

  • Free cleaning pack, which includes all the recommended cleaning products.

  • All major credit cards accepted.

  • Treatment can be provided for purely aesthetic improvements.

Private Treatment



Got a question about orthodontics? We’ve got the answers.

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