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Fixed Ceramic Braces

Fixed Ceramic

Fixed Ceramic Braces

What are ceramic braces?

As the name suggests, ceramic braces are the same as metal braces except that they’re made out of a tooth-coloured porcelain material instead of stainless steel. When paired with a white archwire and clear brackets, their appearance is virtually invisible. They’re often referred to as clear braces and are a popular choice among appearance-conscious adults.

As ceramic braces share a design with traditional metal braces, they actually function in the same way, although treatment times may be lengthier due to the extra friction in the system. However, they’re able to treat the same type of complex malocclusions and help correct bad bites.

We offer subtle, tooth-coloured (ceramic) fixed braces. Ceramic braces give a more natural look aesthetically than metal braces.  Whilst we offer ceramic braces for both upper and lower teeth, we can also offer them for upper teeth only – which for some can be a sensible alternative.

You can find out if you are a suitable candidate for Orthodontic treatment by starting a free digital orthodontic assessment at your nearest NEO practice.

Why get ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are particularly popular among adults who are looking for a less obvious treatment option than traditional braces. The use of clear or tooth-coloured products in the appliances makes them both subtle and effective.

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