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Whether you are another specialist, dentist or allied healthcare professional we would be most grateful for your referral. We can assure you that:

Your patients will

  • Be treated with respect, dignity and care that you would expect

  • Receive a comprehensive orthodontic report outlining treatment

  • Be encouraged to maintain their regular dental care and hygiene with yourselves.

As a referrer we will ensure that

  • You will also receive a comprehensive clinical report keeping you informed at all times

  • You are kept updated of any treatment proposals and seek your approval where required

  • No patient referred to our practice will be referred to another practitioner without both your own and your patient’s consent


If you would like to refer an NHS patient to us, please use the REGO system.
To refer a private patient please complete the form below or contact your preferred practice.

Fields with (*) are required.

Please contact us via this website or email without disclosing confidential information.

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