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About Us


Why choose us

Why choose us

Choosing your orthodontist can be a difficult decision, but at NEO Orthodontics you can be assured your care will be in the hands of experienced, fully qualified and specialist orthodontists who have undergone several years of further training.

Here are 10 reasons to choose NEO Orthodontics for your treatment needs:
  1. All treatment provided by UK-trained specialist orthodontists who are registered on the General Dental Council’s specialist list.

  2. Bespoke treatment plans tailored to ensure your main concerns and priorities are addressed.

  3. Full range of state-of-the-art orthodontic solutions.

  4. Guarantee that treatment does not end until you are 100% happy with the result.

  5. No hidden costs, with firm quotations for comprehensive care.

  6. Convenient and flexible appointment times.

  7. 0% interest-free finance available.

  8. Our Orthodontists are approved Invisalign providers, having treated hundreds of patients with Invisalign.

  9. We use the latest orthodontic technology to improve your treatment experience and achieve the very best results you deserve.

  10. Our Invisalign patients can enjoy the freedom of treatment with dental monitoring, a smartphone app that enables you to travel, work and holiday all while having orthodontic treatment.

Who we treat

Family friendly
Family friendly

Whatever your concern about your smile, at NEO Orthodontics you are in experienced and professional hands. All of our patients are different with different orthodontic needs, which is why we treat them as individuals.

We treat children, teens and adults, including patients who:
  • Want the most appropriate orthodontic appliances for their lifestyle AND their clinical needs

  • Want to be looked after by a team of talented and caring orthodontic professionals

  • Expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and understanding

  • Are in search of achieving their perfect smile

Under 12s
Under 12s

When it comes to family dentistry, children’s teeth need an experienced specialist who is used to providing the right treatment. At NEO Orthodontics, we like to meet patients at age 10-11 years, so we can plan the best time for treatment. This is especially important if facial growth guidance is needed. An early diagnosis can dramatically reduce the amount of treatment needed later on and decrease the chance of adult teeth needing to be removed before straightening.

First phase treatment:

If treatment is needed early, this is called first phase treatment. We might do this if your child’s upper jaw is crowded or narrow, or if the lower jaw is too small or large. Most of the braces we use for younger children are straightforward and can be easily worn at junior school. Your child's confidence can have a real boost if they enter senior school with their bite corrected. This can also improve the appearance of your child’s smile.

Second phase treatment:

If needed, second phase treatment uses the braces attached to the teeth to fine-tune the positions of the teeth at approximately age 12.


We have a proven track record of achieving fantastic results for our teenage patients. No matter how they feel about orthodontics, we will tailor their treatment to produce a smile that gives them confidence. You can feel secure knowing we don’t just straighten teeth but position them to complement your teen's face and smile.


More and more people of all ages are having orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth. Today, advances in technology make braces less conspicuous so you will find it much easier to fit orthodontic treatment into your life. At NEO Orthodontics we are accredited to use Invisalign, Clarity brackets and the Incognito lingual appliance systems, as well as all the other leading technologies popular with our adult patients.

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